How to earn money from Instagram (more than Rs 50 thousand per month) 8 easy ways

How to earn money from Instagram , Have you ever wondered what is the most important thing to earn money online sitting at home? To earn money online sitting at home, “Audience” is most needed or in simple language, people are needed to sell any product or to make any work successful.

If you have a large audience then you can earn lakhs and crores of rupees sitting at home. Now you might be thinking that we do not have an audience but Instagram has a huge audience and today we are talking abouthow to earn money from instagram

How to Earn Money from Instagram – Top 9 Ways

To earn money from Instagram, you must have heard that people often say that you should have good followers but you do not need too many followers. If you have 100 or 200 followers then you can earn money from that and many people are also earning money.

Therefore, we are going to tell you about some ways with the help of which you can earn money from Instagram.

1. How to earn money from Instagram by promoting brand

There are different ways to sell the brand of any company, such as you can promote the product or brand of any company through Infographics, videos, images and earn money because there are many ways in the market. Such brands are available

Those who look for people to promote their product, who can promote their product in a better way, but for this you must have a specific account of Instagram and whatever brand of product you want to sell, in that niche. But if you post regularly

And if you promote it, it gives you an opportunity to do Brand Sponsorship and with its help you sell the product of that brand, in return for which you earn money.

2. Earn money from Affiliate Marketing

At present, Affiliate Marketing is the most talked about and famous because everyone is thinking about doing Affiliate Marketing, then with its help you can also earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home, but have you ever wondered why Affiliate Marketing is becoming so famous?

Because in this you neither have to make any product nor have to deliver any product anywhere. You just have to market that product and the more you sell the product through marketing, the more commission you get.

To sell the product of any company, you first have to join its affiliate program, like if you want to sell the product of an e-commerce website like Amazon or Flipkart, then for that you have to join their affiliate program.

Which you can do completely for free, after that you get affiliate link from their side which is for all the products and after that you can share the link of those products anywhere and whenever someone shares that affiliate link. If you want to buy this product through , then its commission is transferred directly to your bank account.

3. Earn money by doing Influencer Marketing

In today’s time, Influencer marketing is also increasing rapidly and people’s inclination is increasing towards it because any company is definitely taking the help of Influencer marketing to promote any product, then in such a situation you can become an Influencer marketer. You can promote the product of any company by becoming

And in return you can charge any amount from that company but for this your User | The base should be good and you should have good followers. Garketing works well only when people trust you.

To promote any product, you must have knowledge of social media platforms, you must have at least knowledge about Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing.

4. Earn money from Instagram by selling products

In today’s time, Instagram has become the biggest sales tool for all the brands and all the products available in the market because everyone promotes their products with the help of Instagram.

Perhaps this is the reason why people are now searching for the product on Instagram as well as buying it because whenever someone promotes their bra, there is a Shop now button there and with its help you can buy your favorite product. Anyone can buy.

Here it comes to how you can sell your product through Instagram. For this, you have to share the link of your product with people on Instagram and apart from this, you can also sell your product by running ads on general Instagram.

5. Make money by selling virtual products

Instagram If you can sell any of your physical products, you can also promote digital products and earn good money through that.

If we talk about digital product, then there can be any digital service in it, like selling photos and selling your e-book, these are different digital services, which you can promote through Instagram. .

To sell Virtual Product, it is necessary to have a website or landing page because without it you cannot promote your product because whenever someone clicks on the link of your product inside Instagram, from there Redirects to a landing page or website through which you view and purchase the item.

6. Earn money through Social Media Service

We all know that Instagram is a social media platform with the help of which you can promote your product and all the companies have sold their same product millions of times through Instagram, so there is a lot of potential in it. You can sell your own or any other company’s product

And can promote the service. Every company looks for a target audience to sell its product and when it finds its target audience, it promotes its product, but there are many companies which do not have their target audience and they do not have the right audience for Instagram. There is no strategy,

Due to which the company is not able to promote its product but in such a situation the company searches for some such people. Those who have knowledge of social media platforms and promote their products through them.

If you also have knowledge of social media and can deliver the products of any company to their target audience, then you can earn lakhs and crores of rupees.

7. Earn money by running ads

If you use Instagram then you must have seen ads inside Instagram. In which the company promotes its product through Instagram Ad. Through Instagram ads, you can reach your product to more and more people and the more your product reaches people, the more you earn.

If you make your own product or promote the product of any other company, then by running ads on Instagram, you can reach that product to as many people as possible and earn money.

8. By promoting website or blog

If you have your own blog or website, then you can promote it through Instagram and earn money. For example, if you create a website of your own in which you sell any of your online courses or any service or any product.

So you can promote it through Instagram and apart from this, if you have your own blog then you can promote it also and earn money.

9. Earn money from Reels Bonus

Instagram has recently launched a new feature in which you can easily earn money. The name of this new feature is Instagram Reels Bonus. Let me tell you that you get money from here through reels. For this you will have to post daily reels on Instagram.

If you want, you can also add posts. With this you will get a lot of followers on Instagram and you can earn a lot of money from this. It is not that everyone gets a chance to earn money from this reel bonus.

It is enabled only in some accounts. After it is enabled, ads will also be run in your reels as per the rules of Instagram. After that you will be paid according to the views.

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