How To Earn Money From Kheloyar App

There are many such people among us. Those who want to earn money quickly. For this he uses betting app. He wants to become rich overnight by investing his money in this. But this does not happen and he loses his money.

Therefore, today in this article we are going to give a review about Kheloyar App. In which you will know thatWhat is Kheloyar app, how to earn money from it and is this app safe for betting or not, With this you will be able to avoid cheating and fraud.

What is Kheloyar App?

Kheloyar is an online betting mobile application. In this you get to play many types of games. Such as cricket, football, poker, total tennis etc. By investing money in these games, you can win as well as lose. That totally depends on you.

In this you get more than 4000 online casino games. In which you can win money by betting. But the Indian government has declared online betting, gambling etc. as illegal. Therefore, you play the batting game at your own risk.

Kheloyar App was started in 2022 and became very popular in the last 1 year itself. Currently it has millions of downloads.

NameKheloyar App
Started On30 July, 2022

How to earn money from Kheloyar App

You get many types of games and casinos in Kheloyar App. In this, you can win by investing money in the game of your choice. But we will definitely win, there is no such thing. That depends on how you are playing.

1. Earn money by playing games

You can also earn money by playing games in this app. For this, first of all you have to select one game. After that, you have to enter the amount with which you want to play. If you win the game, you will get money along with the profit. Otherwise all your money will almost be lost.

How to download kheloyar app

You will not find this app available on Google Play Store. Because Kheloyar App does not follow the terms and conditions of Play Store. This app will have to be downloaded from Google. For this follow the steps given below.

  • First of all you have to search Kheloyar App in Google.
  • After that go to the official website of Kheloyar.
  • Now you have to download and install the application.

How to create account in Kheloyar app

It is very easy to create an account in this. For this you just need your phone number so that you can verify the OTP. If you want to create your account in Kheloyar App, then follow the steps given below.

  • First of all you have to open Kheloyar App.
  • After that click on the Sign Up button on the home page.
  • Now you have to enter username, mobile number and password.
  • After that you have to click on the register button.
  • Now OTP will come on your mobile number, you have to enter it.
  • After this you have to confirm OTP and the account will be created.

How to deposit money in Kheloyar app

Many options are available to deposit money in Kheloyar App. With this you can easily deposit your money in your wallet and play games with it. To deposit money in this, follow the steps given below.

  • First of all you have to open Kheloyar App.
  • After that click on the Deposit button.
  • Now you have to select Auto Deposit.
  • After that, you will get the option of QR Code, Paytm, Phonepe and Bank to deposit money.
  • Select any one of these options and deposit the money.

Kheloyar App Real Or Fake

Many people have questions in their minds whether Kheloyar app is real or fake. This application is safe and licensed. There is no chance of your money being cheated or cheated here. Therefore you can consider Kheloyar App as safe.

But let me tell you that the Government of India has banned all betting apps and websites. Therefore betting in these applications is illegal. Anyway, mostly there is loss in this. Sometimes good profits are seen in all these applications.


In this article you will learn how to earn money by betting on Kheloyar App. Tried to give complete information about it. It is better not to invest your money in such applications. Because most of the people lose their money in this.

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