How to edit photo picsart app: Photo edits just 2 minutes

Today we are going to tell youHow to edit photo If you also want to edit your photos then you have come to the right place. Through today’s post you will learn the method of photo editing.

Picsart Kaise Download Kare You will know this also today through this post. And we will explain this to you in very simple language. We hope you are liking all our posts. And in the same way, you continue to like all the posts coming on our blog.

Many types of photos are posted on social media every day. Nowadays everyone keeps updating photos with effects. And we can edit our photos in many ways. Due to which our photo looks very attractive and by editing we can give many effects to our photo.

You can find many apps on the internet to edit photos. With the help of which you can make your simple photos stylish. Today we will tell you about such a wonderful photo editing app, with this you can also change the background of your photo and we also get many features in these apps. With which we can give a new look to our photos.

So now we know how to edit photos. If you also want to give a new look by editing your photos, then definitely read this post Picsart Se Editing Kaise Kare from beginning to end. Only then will you be able to get complete information about it.

What is Picsart?

The rating of this app is 4.4. This is an app that almost everyone uses for photo editing. With this we can edit the photo and change its background. And you can create a logo for your website.

You can create any kind of PNG, make Gif, add effects to photos and many other features are available in this app. By using which you can make your photo better.

Picsart App Kaise Download Kare

To download Picsart App, follow the steps given below:

  • Download Picsart App – First of allPicsart App Download it.
  • Install App – After downloading Picsart App, now install it.
  • Open App – And now you can open it and use it.

How to use Picsart?

You have learned how to download Picsart App, but you will learn further how to edit photos using this app. So let’s know how to edit photos from Picsart.

  • Download PNG

first of all youPng Download Do whatever you like.

  • Open Picsart

Now open Picsart App, now 5 options will appear in front of you, click on Edit.

  • Select Photo

After clicking on Edit, your photos will appear in front of you, select the photo you want to download.

  • Tap On Add Photo

After selecting the photo, you will see the option of Add Photo, click on it.

  • Add PNG

Now you have to add the PNG which you downloaded in Step 1. You can also add Text PNG, Light PNG. Add the PNG wherever you want to add it in the photo, now after selecting it, click on Done.
Save the photo. So in this way you can use Picsart App and set PNG in your photo.

Photo Editor App Kaise Download Kare

Now we are telling you about photo editing apps with the help of which you can edit your photos. We also tell you some other apps which you can use as per your choice.

  • Photo Lab Picture Editor Fx

In this you get more than 500 stylish effects to edit photos. Through this app you can use Animated Effect, Photo Frames, Photo Filter. This is a wonderful app to give a creative look.

  • Photo Effect
  • Photo Frames
  • Photo Filters
  • Photo Collages
  • Airbrush – Best Selfie Editor

This app has got 4.8 rating. With this our photo looks completely natural edited. It is designed for taking selfies. It is also very easy to use. It completely changes your photo. And provides the facility of Auto Effect in your photos. Let us know what are the features of this app.

  • Lighting Effect – If you have clicked a photo and there is less light in it, then you can increase the effect of light with it.
  • Remove Blemishes – With its help you can make your face completely clean in the photo.
  • Blur Tool – You can blur the background of the photo.
  • Reshape/ Resize – You can change the area and size of the photo as per your choice.
  • Color Splash Effect

This app has got a rating of 4.2. With Color Splash Effect app you can select a color in your photo. And the remaining colors can be black and white. You can give old look to your photo. You can select the color by zooming the photo. By zooming the photo and selecting the color, you get good finishing. And the size of the brush can be made bigger or smaller.

  • With Color Touch you can change your photo to black and white look.
  • In this, along with color effect, you also get the option of color filter.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express

Its rating is 4.2. And it is being used by 5 million people. You can use it in Android version 4.4 and above. In this you get many tools to edit photos.

  • You can share the story with your friends.
  • With its help you can also change the color of your eyes.
  • You can crop, resize, straighten, rotate the photo.
  • Pixlr

This app is being used by more than 5 million people. And you can install this app in Android version 4.0.3 and above.
Pixlr has also got a very good rating, it is also very easy to use. And with this you can do all the editing that you want in your photo. In this you get all the features of editing photos.

  • You can blur the photo.
  • Can crop and resize.
  • Photo Framing, Photo Collages
  • Sticker, Focal Blur
  • Photo Studio

You will get all types of tools in this application. And 10 million people use this app. Can be installed in Photo Studio 4.0 and above versions. The size of Photo Studio is 52 Mb.

  • 200 + Effects
  • 200+ Frames
  • You can also write text in the photo.
  • You also get Blur Feature and Sticker.


Through today’s post you learnedPhoto Editor Kaise Download Kare And along with this we also told you how to use Picsart App. We hope that the information given by us will be useful for you.
If you also want to know how to use Picsart, then you can take the help of this post.Photo editing app You must have learned about downloading through today’s post. And how did you like this information? Tell us by commenting.

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