Internet is not working in mobile? What to do? (5 secret tricks)

Is the internet not working in your mobile? Now you are wondering what to do? Actually if the internet is not working properly in your mobile! So in such a situation you have to make some such settings. After which your internet starts working. So much so that you can easily run your stalled Internet at excellent speed.

Actually, there can be many reasons for not working internet in mobile. If your data usage is full then you will not be able to use the internet. Apart from this, if you have tampered with the settings of your phone then also the internet does not work in the mobile. If internet is not working in your mobile? What to do? Let us know –

Some common reasons for internet not working in mobile

  • internet outage
  • tampering with settings
  • Tampering with Data Usage settings
  • no signal at all
  • Any problem from SIM company side
  • heavy rain
  • Shutdown of Internet Service in your area by the government etc.
  • There is a fault in the phone.

Net is not working? What to do? (5 ways)

If all the network settings of your phone are absolutely fine and even then your phone’s internet is not working! In this, we are going to tell you 10 such methods with the help of which you will be able to use the internet easily.

Along with this, if you use the methods given below in your phone! So your stalled net will start running smoothly. Let us know what to do if the internet is not working?

1. Restart the phone

If your phone’s internet is not working at all then first of all you have to restart your phone. Because many times many such problems arise in your phone. Which is not from your network service provider.

This means that the problem lies with your phone itself. Due to which the net is not working. In such a situation, the first thing you have to do is to restart your phone. To restart the phone, follow the steps below –

1. First of all you have to long press the Power Button of your phone.

2. Now the Restart button will appear in front of you. You have to click on it. Your phone will restart immediately after this.

After this, turn on your data connection again and your internet will start working.

2. Turn on/off Airplane Mode

If your internet does not work despite the above mentioned methods, then you will have to turn on/off the airplane mode of your phone. Actually, to turn on/off airplane mode, you will have to go to your settings. After that you have to click on the search box and search by typing airplane mode there. After this you turn it on and then turn it off.

Now turn on your internet connection again and try to use the internet. Now you will see that your net will run at a better speed than before. Actually, turning on airplane mode refreshes your internet. Thus, if the internet is not working then turn off the airplane mode.

3. Turn on Data Roaming

In fact, many times, even if you have made all the settings correctly, the internet still does not work. In such a situation, there is a special trick which is data roaming trick. Actually in this you have to turn on data roaming.

After that your internet works properly. Once your internet starts working smoothly, you can turn off data roaming again. Let us know how to turn on Data Roaming –

1. First of all you have to go to the settings of your phone.

2. Now you will see the Search Box in front. You have to click on it.

3. Here now you have to search by writing “Data Roaming”.

4. After this you have to go to the Roaming option and enable it.

After doing this, now you can turn on or off the data connection. After this, run the net again and you will see that your stalled net will be operational.

4. Run the net only with 4G/5G setting

Actually, many times the internet setting of your phone is always on automatic. This means that your phone will operate on whatever quality of signal strength it catches. Due to which your internet speed also becomes slow.

But if you use internet on 4G or 5G setting, then your internet also works well. Along with this, the stopped internet also starts working. Let us know how you can easily use internet in any phone by setting on 4G or 5G –

1. First of all you have to go to phone settings.

2. Now you have to go to Network & Internet.

3. Now despite this you will have to go to SIM Card & mobile network.

4. Now which of your SIM’s internet is not working? (SIM 1 or SIM 2) You have to select that.

5. Now you have to scroll and click on Preferred network type.

6. Now here it will be auto selected in your phone but you have to select it only on 4g or only 5g.

After this your Internet will automatically refresh and now you will see that your Internet will start running smoothly.

5. Turn off Data Saver

You may find this a bit absurd but let us tell you that sometimes your internet does not work even after turning on Data Saver. Because data saver sometimes completely blocks the internet of your phone.

Because of which your internet does not work. If you have accidentally turned on the data saver, then turn it off quickly. You will be able to turn it off easily with the help of Notification Panel.


In this article, we told you how if your internet is not working? So you can run it properly. Also, what could be the reasons for internet not working? We have discussed about that also.

We have told about 10 such tips for running the internet, after which your internet will start running properly. You can follow us for such information. Along with this, you can also subscribe to us through Google News or our newsletter.

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