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Bill Gates says A.I. could kill Google Search and Amazon as we know them

Bill Gates said during a meeting of Goldman Sachs at SV Angel that artificial intelligence is very deep and that AI is the best way to join us and develop it. luna o kānā mau mea hoʻattīva.

Technology is changing the way you buy things, so it's not a good idea to go to an online store, because you can't buy it from Amazon, for example.

It takes a little time to get ready for this technology to be used today, says Gates.

Microsoft The idea of ​​the founder of Bill Gates is to be a big business when artificial intelligence is preventing a personal technology that is preventing some of the barriers to be removed.

“Whoever wins the personal agent, that’s the big thing, because you will never go to a search site again, you will never go to a productivity site, you’ll never go to Amazon again,”

How can AI help people understand what they are doing and how they can help them?

“read the stuff you don’t have time to read,” 

Gates said there is a 50-50 chance that this future AI winner will be either a startup or a tech giant.