Inflation needs to get back to 2%, but the Fed won’t do what it takes. We’re paying a high price — literally.

federal had promissed that he will increase the inflation by 2%. but he can't do that . IN 2012 he started to targetting  but  in 2019 whan inflation that target goeas under shoteted. then the Federal research changed his target to in crease 2% inflation.

Energy group blasts Big Oil for not giving just 3% of record profits to methane-emission cut

coal oil and gas induustries are taking interest in this field and they are not moving away from fossil-fuel production 

By Cali Crystal             May 19, 2020

Tiamerica share are closed in very low in wenesday .s&p 500 have raised his fourth loss because of Federal eserves most recent meating .

LS&P 500 notches fourth day of losses as investors weigh Fed minutes, need for higher rates to cool inflation