Marc Benioff reminds  Wall Street that ‘this isn’t my first recession,’ saying Salesforce’s activists ‘made a lot of money today’


On Tuesday Marc Benioff Faced the end of a very happy era at Salesforce inc., with Street ganging up on the software company .

“This isn’t my first recession,” Benioff said in our phone interview.

“Every year we constantly reshape the company,” he told MarketWatch. “We have gone from zero to $35 billion, we have added a lot, we have lost a lot, we reshaped over 24 years.” (Salesforce is projected to hit $35 billion in fiscal 2024 revenue.)

Fill in some textBenioff brushed off any concern about the activists, saying “they made a lot of money today,” and forcefully argued that Salesforce’s culture is “still very strong.”

“It’s a culture of volunteerism and giving, it is still very much alive and well,” Benioff said, noting that Hawaiian-shirt Fridays are still a thing at Salesforce, as is the 1-1-1 model, which dedicates 1% of equity, 1% of product and 1% of employee time to the community.