warren buffet's investment 86%....

By Nicole Newman | Jan 29, 2020

warren  86 % or property is invested in 4 stocks 

the portfolio of $5.5billion secret is invested in 4 stock.

CEO warren buffets known afor investment and for investing in good stock  and for making profit

warren buffets known

After the taking position of CEO in 1965

Afte taking the position of CEO in 1965 he overseeen a greater than 3,700000% aggrgate return to hs compony

IN 1998, buffets compony acquired reinsurance giant for re $22 billion

4 stock acquire by the worren buffet's 

>  Apple: 48.92%

Apple has been a continuous holding for New England Asset Management for the past 10 years.

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) makes up the largest position. Whereas it accounts for 41% of invested assets in Berkshire's $331 billion investment portfolio, it comprises nearly 49% of Buffett's secret portfolio.

Chevron: 14.64% of invested asset

Chevron (NYSE: CVX) has been an especially popular buy in Warren Buffett's secret portfolio. The oil and gas giant is closing in on a 15% share of invested assets and has been a continuous holding by NEAM for more than two decades.

The most logical reason for New England Asset Management to have nearly $800 million put to work in Chevron stock would be the expectation of elevated energy commodity prices.

Bank of America: 13.88% of invested asset

Buffett's secret portfolio is fairly heavily weighted to Bank of America (NYSE: BAC). Money-center bank BofA has been a continuous holding for NEAM since the third quarter of 2017.

HP: 8.15% of invested asset

The fourth stock in Warren Buffett's secret portfolio that makes up a significant percentage of invested assets is personal-computing (PC) and printing-solutions company HP (NYSE: HPQ). Despite accounting for more than 8% of New England Asset Management's invested assets, it's been a holding for less than two years.