Apple first store is opened in India 2023

First apple Store in India.

Apple first Store is going to open in Mumbai India As soon as .
It is goin to open in Mumbai in Jio world  mall . The owner of Jio mall is Mukesh Ambani . who is and Indian  Business Man.
Apple will soon open its first retail store in India as the world's most valuable tech company accelerates expansion and focuses on high-quality products to maintain its unique image in the country.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company released a photo of the barricade of its retail store in India's financial capital Mumbai on Wednesday, although an official opening date has yet to be announced. The first Apple store is coming to Jio World Drive mall, owned by billionaire Mukesh Ambani. Apple is also building its second retail store, which is expected to open in the coming days in Delhi.
Apple is bringing the Apple Store to India as the company sees explosive growth for its products, particularly the iPhone, in the country. India has the second largest smartphone market, giving Apple a lot of growth potential in the high-end smartphone segment. Cupertino has also been expanding its factory in India lately.
Apple has more than 500 stores in major global cities, including New York, Dubai, London and Tokyo. Each store was redesigned to "look like a town square" and event space for the general public. Apple stores are known for a canopy of trees and an area that hosts all Today at Apple events, with a large "video wall" that is used for more interactive sessions.

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