How to Earn Money From Gromo App

Thank you very much to all of you friends for visiting our website. If you also want to earn money from Gromo app, then today we will know through this post how to earn money from Gromo app? Here we will talk about all the best ways to earn money from Gromo app. Before earning money from Gromo app, we have to understand what is Gromo app. Apart from this, we will also know how we can create an account on Gromo app and will tell all the information related to it.

If you also want to earn money from Gromo app and want to get all the information related to it, then you will have to stay in this post. In which we will tell you in detail about Gromo app.

What is Gromo App?

This question must be coming in your mind too, what is this GroMo App? So we would like to tell you that GroMo App works for selling financial products. In this you get to see the services of every bank in India. Among its services, one can use services like Loan App, Stock Market and Saving Account. In this, every effort is made to provide you every facility.

GroMo App does not sell the services of any finance company or bank. This App likes to sell its services through us. Apart from this, anyone who thinks of earning money by working from home. He can earn a good amount of money by selling his services here. Apart from selling your services, here you get many other features like courses, training and you can earn money in different ways.

Information about GroMo App and how to earn money from it will be known in full detail further.

GroMo App Download Kare Kare

Before earning money from GroMo App, you have to know from where to download it. You do not need to wander here and there to download it. You can download it for free from Google play store.

App NameGroMo: SellFinancial Products(Gromo)
App Size21 MB
Download10 L +

How to earn money from GrowMo App

Till now we have learned to create our account in GroMo App. Now we will tell you such best methods by which you will get rid of the question of how to earn money from GroMo App. We will tell you such new and best methods by adopting which you will earn a good amount of money in a month. But you have to carefully understand the methods of earning money. Now let us all know how to earn money from GroMo App.

1. How to earn money by sharing Financial Services link

This is the most used and most money earning method in GrowMo App. In this you can earn money in many ways. This method includes services like credit account, saving account, Demat account and many more. You have to choose any one of the services you like, after that you will now be provided a link.

In this link you will be told about the ways to earn money from GroMo App. This will be provided to you in the form of a video. In this video you have been shared the best ways to earn money from Gromo App. When you watch this video completely and come back again, you will be provided a link. Now you have to share this link as much as possible in your social media accounts.

Whatever service you have selected, it will create a link related to it. He will create an account related to your service, in return for which you will get money. Now how much money you will get from these services depends on each different service. The more you share, the more money you will be able to earn.

2. How to earn money by referring in GroMo App

Today there will not be any such app which does not give you the opportunity to earn money by referring and earning and you get to see the same option in this also. Every company pays for referral in its own way. Earning money in this way is not a very difficult thing. All of you do not face much problem in this. You do not need to waste much of your time to do this work. If you give even 2 to 3 hours of your day to this, it will be very beneficial for you.

As soon as you open the Gromo app and click on the Refer and earn option, you will get your referral code from there. Now you will get a link from here, you will have to share this link as much as possible on all your social media accounts. If anyone you have shared downloads your link then you will get ₹ 100 on every download. Apart from this, whoever has downloaded your link will also get ₹ 100.

If your friend who has downloaded the Gromo app from your link makes three sales from the Gromo app, you will now get ₹ 250 more. Your earnings do not end here, you will continue to get 5% commission on your earnings and this commission will remain for life time.

3.What are other ways to earn money in GroMo App?

  1. sell financial products
  2. Earn money by opening a Demant Account
  3. Earn money by getting a credit card
  4. Earn money by opening a savings account
  5. Earn money by getting loan

4. List of Financial Services companies and what is their commission

Demant Account

  1. Upstox Demat Account – ₹500
  2. Axis Direct Demat Account – ₹600
  3. Dhanush Demat Account – ₹600
  4. Angel one Demat Account – ₹700
  5. 5Paisa Demat Account – ₹

Saving Account

  1. Niyox Digital Saving Account :– ₹250
  2. AU Saving Bank Account :– ₹325
  3. Fi Money Account :– ₹400
  4. Kotak 811 Saving Account :– ₹275
  5. Induslnd Saving Account:– ₹200
  6. Axis Saving Account :– ₹500
  7. Jupiter Money Account :– ₹600

Credit Card

  1. Axis Credit Card :– ₹300
  2. Induslnd Credit Card :– ₹1500
  3. ICICI Credit Card :– ₹500


  1. Mokredit Credit Limit :– 0.75%
  2. Zest Money :– ₹250
  3. Freo Pay Account :– ₹150
  4. Free charge Pay later Account :– ₹350
  5. Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card :- ₹200


  1. Mudrex Account :– ₹800


Friends, in this post we have not only learned how to earn money from GroMo App, apart from this we have also received all the information related to GroMo App. You must have learned how to earn money from GroMo App from here.

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