How to earn money from Ludo Supreme Gold in 2024 – Rs 1000 per day

if youludo game to win money if you want to playludo supreme money earning app download. Ludo Supreme Gold is a very good real earning app.

In this article we will discuss about Ludosupreme court money earner download AndHow to earn money from Ludo Supreme Gold Will know complete information.

There are many great real money earning apps related to free money earning game Ludo available on Google Play Store and on the internet, but what is special about Ludo Supreme Gold Apk is not found in any other online Ludo application.

Ludo Supreme Gold Paisa Wala Kamane Wala App is such a famous application that there is absolutely no need to tell anyone about it.

You can earn money by playing Ludo game as well as other “Paisa Kamane Wala Game” on Ludo Supreme Gold Paisa Wala Application. Because of paying real money, today everyone wants to know about Ludo Supreme Gold.

If you are also among such people, then let us know in today’s article, “What is Ludo Supreme Gold” and “How to earn money by downloading Ludo Supreme Gold?”

What is Ludo Supreme Gold?

Ludo Supreme Gold Ludo Playergaming application is, which youLudo Supreme official website Can download from.

Ludo Supreme Gold – You will not find Ludo game on Google Play Store. Ludo Supreme Gold is created by Zupee App.

Therefore, after downloading Ludo Supreme Gold, when you create an account on it, then you see different types of Ludo tournaments here, in any of which you can participate.

If you succeed in getting maximum points then you get real money as a reward.

Thisgame to earn money from ludo From time to time, various types of best tournaments are organized in which by participating or winning the event, you canlakhs of rupees You can be successful in earning in a single day.

The minimum entry fee in Supreme Ludo Gold has been kept at ₹1. so every personsmall entry fee By filling in, one can play games here and earn money. Earn money through this ludo game application.referral program Is also run, through which you can also increase your earning figures.

Games available in Ludo Supreme Gold (Supreme Ludo Paisa Wala Games)

You can play the following games in Ludo Supreme Gold.

  • Game Supreme
  • Ninja game
  • Game Turbo
  • Snack & Ladder
  • Trump Card Mania
  • Carrom Ninja
  • Ludo Supreme League

How to download Ludo Supreme Gold? (How to download Ludo Supreme Gold)

At the very beginning of the article, we made you aware that you will not get Ludo Supreme Gold application on Google Play Store nor will you get Ludo Supreme Court Apk on Apple Application Store.

Therefore we will have to download it from the internet, so let us know what is the process of downloading Ludo Supreme Gold.

1: To download Ludo Supreme Gold game, first of all you need to have it in your connection You have to turn it on and after that you have to directly open any browser.

2: After the browser is opened, you have to click on the search box visible above.

3: Now you have to read “Ludo Supreme Gold Download” Have to write and search.

4: After the completion of the searching process, Ludo Supreme Gold Official Website will appear on the screen of your device on the very first number. You have to click on this website.

5: After clicking on the website, Ludo Supreme Gold website will open.

6: Now you have to scroll down a bit. when you come downorange box The download app button that is visible has to be clicked on the same button.

7: Now on your screen apopup box Will come in which there will be another download button. Click on this also.

Now you have to sit quietly for a while because in a short timeludo supreme gold app It will be downloaded in your mobile.

Ludo Supreme Gold Se Paise Kaise Kamaye – How to earn ₹ 1000 daily from Ludo Supreme Gold?

The name Ludo is associated with Zupee Ludo Supreme Gold App. Therefore, everyone thinks that through this application one can earn money just by playing the Ludo game. However it is not so. You also get many other options to earn money from this application, so let us know about all the ways to earn money from Ludo Supreme Gold app.

1. Earn Free Sign Up Bonus

if youOnline Ludo Game ₹10 Bonus If you want to get it then you should download Leader Supreme Gold.

For your information, we would like to tell you that when you install this application in your mobile for the first time, you willSignup Bonus of ₹10 even get.

You get this bonus when you create your account in the application. what youSignup Bonus You get it, you can use it to play games.

2. Earn money by playing games with online players

After opening Ludo Supreme Gold you will getonline money making game You get the option to play under which yousmall entry fee You have to fill the form and after that you can play the entire game from any online platform.unknown player Can play with.

It is very interesting to play UP Ludo Gold with strangers. If you become the winner of the game then the money you earn from here comes in your Supreme Golden Ludo wallet.

3. Earn money by participating in tournaments

In Ludo Supreme Gold application, tournaments with different prizes are organized 24 hours a day, in which anyone can participate and earn money by playing the game. In this tournament you compete with players playing different Ludo games.

The player who gets first place in the tournament is considered the winner of the game and the prize money is deposited in his wallet which you can later get in your account by filling your bank account details.

4. Earn money from Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Program

To play game in Ludo Supreme Gold if you haveentry fee If you do not have money to pay then you do not need to worry, because you can do it yourself through this application. free money Can make.

For this you need Supreme Gold Ludo game.Use referral program Has to be done. When you make a successful referral to a person, you get money.

How to withdraw money from Ludo Supreme Gold? (How to withdraw money from Ludo Supreme Gold)

A wonderful good news for you is that the minimum limit for withdrawing money from Ludo Supreme Gold has been kept at ₹ 1. Therefore everyone can easily request to withdraw money from here. To withdraw money you have to follow the procedure given below.

1. To withdraw money from Ludo Supreme Gold, you have to turn on internet connection in your mobile and then directly open this application.

2. After opening the application, you will see theaccount option It is visible, you have to click on this option.

3. After clicking on the account option, you will be seeing different types of options on your screen, out of which you willWallet balance options Have to click on it.

4. Now you will be able to see the amount of money you have in the winning section. To withdraw your money you have to check the box in front of you.Withdraw The following button is visible, click on it.

5. Now in the empty box you see at the top, you have to enter the amount of money you want to withdraw. You can invest as little as Rs 1 and as much as Rs.₹25000 inter can do.

6. Now you have to select any one option between UPI ID and Bank Account. If you select UPI ID thenUPI ID Enter the information and if selecting bank account, then enter the bank account information.

7. Now click on the Withdraw Money option visible below.

Once this process is completed by you, your money will be withdrawn within 1 to 4 hours.UPI ID Orbank account Is obtained in.

Is it safe to put money in Ludo Supreme Gold wallet?

Yes! you without any worriesLudo Supreme Wallet You can put your money in, because Ludo Supreme Gold has partnered with the company that provides the best online transactions, due to which you get a secure environment.

To put money in your walletBank account, different wallet, credit card / debit card or UPI ID Can use.

Ludo Supreme Gold Helpline (Ludo Supreme Gold Customer Care Number)

Through this article, we gave you information about what is Ludo Supreme Gold and how to download or install Ludo Supreme App application in your mobile. Along with this, we tried to give you as much information as possible about this application.

Despite this, if youludo supreme game If you are facing any kind of problem related to then you can contact the official helpline email ID of the application, which is as follows.


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