How to earn money from Pinterest – 5 best ways to earn money from Pinterest

Hello friends, welcome to a new article of our blog DIMAGI KIDA blog in which we are going to talk about how to earn money from Pinterest app (Pinterest Se Paise Kaise Kamaye).

Yes friends, money can be earned from Pinterest, just as money is earned from Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter etc. Similarly, you can earn money by using Pinterest app. There are still many people who do not have the correct information. Due to this he is not able to earn money from Pinterest.

If you also want to earn money using Pinterest, then read this article carefully till the end, because in this article we have explained in complete detail how you can earn money from Pinterest in these five ways. And by using these 5 methods, many people are earning lakhs of rupees from Pinterest sitting at home.

If you did not know about Pinterest till now and now you are a new user then you do not know how to create an account and create a PIN, then in this article we have told everything about how to create an account and PIN and how to make money. Complete information on how to earn has been provided step wise, so this article can be very beneficial for you, so without taking much of your time, let us know how to earn money from Pinterest.

What is Pinterest? – How to earn money from Pinterest

Pinterest is a type of networking social media website, just as it is posted on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc., in the same way, images, videos and short videos etc. are shared on Pinterest by creating a Pin on Pinterest. Pinterest is also an image website. It is called so because it is mostly used for images.

If you are wondering what a PIN is, then let me tell you that the post itself is called a PIN. This app is most used in the United States. Thousands of people are earning good money with the help of Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can work on a category. You put pins according to the category, so that you will grow quickly on Pinterest. .

How to earn money from Pinterest

There are many ways to earn money from Pinterest app, but in this article I will tell you only five best ways by which you can easily earn a good amount of money sitting at home, that too only through mobile and internet. Let us know.

#1. Earn money from Pinterest by doing Affiliate Marketing

In today’s time, it cannot happen that anyone does not know about affiliate marketing. If you do not know, then let me tell you what work is required in affiliate marketing. Like if you are an affiliate marketer, then you can work for a company. You will find the company whose product you want to sell online. The company will give you some % commission on each sale.

To do affiliate marketing, first of all you have to join the affiliate program of any company. When you join the affiliate program of any company, then you have to extract the link of their product and share it on your Pinterest account.

And when a user buys that product through your link, you get commission on every sale. The commission of each company may be different and the commission is also fixed according to the product. For affiliate program, you can join Amazon, Flipkart and many other companies which you can join absolutely free.

Affiliate marketing is currently considered to be the best way for Pinterest and social media because through affiliate marketing you can earn unlimited money and there is no limit to earn money in this field.

#2. Earn money from Pinterest through sponsorship?

To earn money in this way, you should have a good number of followers on your Pinterest account and your Pinterest account should also be a little old, due to which sponsored companies are ready to pay you a higher amount because having an old account gives them confidence that They will get more profit by sponsoring you.

Before putting their post or link on your account, you have to get information about how much amount will be paid and how long the link will remain and send the sponsorship money to your account beforehand, otherwise companies will not be able to sponsor you. After this, you can also commit fraud.

After the sponsorship is decided, you have to share their product or link on your Pinterest account, for example, if you have 1 lakh followers, then you can ask for ₹ 50 thousand and those companies will happily give you ₹ 50 thousand. Can give till.

#3. Earn money from Pinterest by selling your product

If you are a businessman or shopkeeper then Pinterest can prove to be a very good app for you. In this you can earn money by sealing your product and you can sell your product all over the world by staying at one place.

There are many people who are earning money by creating and sealing eBooks and if you have any scale which you can give to people or learn, then you can create an eBook or a premium video of it and give it to them in exchange. You can charge a good amount of money for it.

If you do not have any product, then you can learn drop shipping and earn money by selling goods on Pinterest with the help of dropping. In dropping, you have to find a seller who will make the product for you, pack it and also deliver it. You just have to deliver the product to the customer.

In dropping, you will decide the quality of the product yourself. You will do as much as you know, the more profit you will have. For example, suppose you bought a book from your seller for $20 and sold it to the customer for $30, then your profit will be $10. .

#4. Earn money by sending traffic to website from Pinterest

If you have a block and a good number of followers on your interest account who see your posts, then you can earn good money by driving those followers to your blog website. For this, you just have to share the link of your block on Pinterest account, through which users will visit your block and the earning of your block will increase.

For example, if you post a post on Pinterest related to a laptop or mobile, then you can write a block post of the same mobile and laptop and post it on your block and link the link of your blog post to your Pinterest post. Due to which the users watching the page will visit your block and your block earning will increase more than before.

And if you do not have a block, then you can message another blogger or a YouTuber and talk to them about it and charge some money for sending traffic to their blog or YouTube, which will increase your earning significantly. So in this way you can earn lakhs by sending traffic from Pinterest to any blog or YouTube.

#5. Earn money by selling Pinterest account

If you remain active on Pinterest every day and post and upload videos, then you can make a lot of followers on your account very soon, after this you can earn a huge amount by selling your Pinterest account or the amount can be transferred to your account. It will be decided according to the number of followers. The more followers you have on your account, the more money you will get on your account.

Now the question may be coming in your mind that who will buy Pinterest Account, then there are many people who do not want to start from zero, they prefer to buy such an account which has lakhs of followers. Because they do not have much time to start an account from zero and take it to lakhs.

Because this process also takes a lot of hard work and time. That is why people pay a lot of money to buy a Pinterest account because they will be able to withdraw this money from the Pinterest account only in two to three months.

If you also want to earn money by selling Pinterest account, then for this you will have to create a Pinterest account and post on it every day and when you get lakhs of followers on your account, then you can sell it for which you will get minimum 40 thousand to 50 thousand. Will go.

Conclusion:- How to earn money from Pinterest

So finally friends, this was the information about Pinterest app in which you learned what Pinterest is, how to earn money from it and many more information, so how did you like this article, please tell by commenting.
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