How to earn money from Rooter App (make money with games in 2024)

How to earn money from Rooter App: If you are also fond of watching online videos then rooter App is the best option for you. Because here you can earn money along with enjoying videos. Today in this article we will learn in detail about how to earn money from Rooter App. Apart from earning money by watching videos, Rooter App also provides many such options, after doing which you can easily earn money.

Talking about Rooter App, this App is an Indian App which is not completely made for India. That is why it is quite user friendly for the people of our country. The biggest thing about this App is that the App gives the money to the user whenever he wants, it depends on the user as to when the App wants to withdraw the money.

How to earn money from Rooter App

Earning money from Rooter App is very easy. If you have even two-three hours every day, then by spending this much time you will earn so much money from Rooter App that you can easily withdraw the money for daily expenses from the App. This app provides many options to earn money using which any person can earn money.

So let us know how many types of methods Rooter App provides on the App. There are many ways to earn money with this app, but we will talk about some of those ways so that there is not much trouble in earning money.

How to earn money from Rooter App :-

Earn money by doing live stream

This app provides you an option to live stream the videos, with the help of which you can live stream the videos posted on any social media wherever you want. And nowadays, when any App is live streamed, ads appear in between, due to which the company earns some income and from this income, some percentage is deducted and credited to the account of the person doing the live stream. So like this With this app you can earn money by live streaming any videos on any platform.

Earn money by watching videos

This AppEarn money by watching videos Provides an option of. In this, you have to open the Rooter App and watch the videos being shown in it. While watching the videos, an ad is also broadcasted in between, for which this app takes money from the ad company. This App also gives some part of this page to the person viewing the ad. Which is later credited by the Rooter App to the user’s account, which the user can use for any purpose. So in this way the Rooter app gives money to Gurjar by showing videos.

By joining Rooter App Contest

Rooter App: Every now and then there is always a contact called Rooter App Contact in which users can earn big money by participating. The funniest thing about this contest is that whatever activity is done in it, the user’s earning is doubled. She goes. And friends, if you become the winner of this contest, then Rooter App gives a free huge amount which is credited to your Rooter App wallet, which you can later use by transferring it to your bank account through the App. In this way, any person can earn good money by participating in this contest and the winner bank.

Earn money by Refer & Earn

Nowadays, all the apps coming in the market provide the option of refer and earn to increase the user base so that any user can earn money by using this option, therefore, if any user recommends a rooter to a friend or relative of any app, If someone sends the link of the app and that person downloads it, then in return the sender gets ₹ 50. In this way, if you send it to 10 people in a day and download it, then you will earn ₹ 500 only per day. You can earn by referring. Therefore, whenever you download Rooter App, do not forget to try this option because this option is the strongest option to earn money.

What is Rooter App and how does it work?

You can simply say that Rooter App is an online money earning app. Nowadays, there are thousands of money earning apps in the market, out of which this is just one. But the specialty of this app is that it can withdraw your earned money on time or in other words, whenever you want. This is the reason why people’s credibility on this is divided because if the app loses money then people do not use it again but this app does not do that. Its popularity gets fourth when we talk about its features because the options to earn money given in it are amazing because how can anyone give money by watching videos but this one does so. In this way, you can easily earn money by choosing any or all of the options given above.

Company NameRoot App
FounderPiyush Kumar
Rating4.2 Star

How to use Rooter App

You can easily use Rooter App. To use it, you must have an Android mobile. In the mobile in which you will download Rooter App, after installing it in the mobile, you will have to create an account in it. Once your account is created, you will have to do KYC. After 24 hours of KYC completion, you can use it to earn money.

How to download Rooter App

To download Rooter App, you will have to go to Google Play Store from where you can easily download it. So that you do not face any problem in downloading, we are telling you about the methods below on how to download Rooter App. You can download Rooter App in your mobile by using these methods.

  • Open Google Play Store on mobile.
  • Then search for Rooter App in it.
  • After that router: Watch Gaming & Sports App will appear in your phone.
  • After that you have to click on the Install button visible in front of it.
  • After that Rooter App will be downloaded in your mobile.
  • In this way, you can easily download Rooter App in your mobile using the above mentioned methods.

How to create an account in Rooter App

Creating an account in Rooter App is very easy, anyone can do it, but still you do not face any problem, hence we are giving below the information on how to create an account so that you can easily download Rooter App in your mobile using those methods. .

  1. First of all you open the app.
  2. As soon as you open the App on your mobile, a form will appear in which you will have to fill personal details like mobile number and email ID.
  3. As soon as you enter the App or mobile number, you will be asked for OTP verification.
  4. After some time an OTP will come on your mobile
  5. You fill this OTP in the OTP field and submit it.
  6. After this your Rooter App is ready to earn money.

In this way, you can download Rooter App in your mobile by using the above mentioned methods.

How to withdraw money from Rooter App

It is very easy to withdraw money from Rooter App, now you can withdraw money from Paytm account, bank account or UPI ID whenever you want. The only requirement for this is that there should be money in your Rooter wallet. You can easily withdraw the amount of money in your Rooter wallet to your bank account or UPI ID through the app.

Rooter App  is real or fake

Before downloading any mobile app, everyone thinks whether it is fake, so if you are also thinking before downloading Rooter App, then you should be rest assured that this app is absolutely real. Therefore you can download this app in your mobile.


How much can you earn in a day?

There is no limit to earn on this App, it completely depends on you how much time you spend on the App.

Can money really be earned from Rooter App?

Yes, you can absolutely earn money as per your convenience but for this you will have to spend time on this app.

Where is Rooter App?

This is an Indian App, it has been completely developed in India.

last words

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