How to earn money from Winzo App: Job tension is over, earn up to ₹2500 daily by playing this game in Winzo App!

How to earn money from Winzo App :- Friends, if you like playing games and spend hours playing games on mobile, then let me tell you that if you can make money from the time you spend playing these games, then what could be better than this? Will it happen? Yes friends, if you like playing games then you can earn a lot of money through this game, you can earn around ₹ 1000 and even more in a day from here and that too just by playing games.

Winzo is one such platform and one such money earning app from where you get to play around 70 and more games. You can earn money from Winzo app by choosing the game in which you are perfect and which you like to play mostly. Through this article we will tell you what is Winzo App? How to install Winzo app on your mobile? And the biggest and most important thingHow to earn money from Winzo App, Will explain all these things in detail.

What is Winzo App?

Winzo app is a very good and reliable app to earn money. You get more than 70 games on this application, from which you can earn money by playing the games of your interest. Here whatever money you earn by playing games goes back to yourPaytm Or it is transferred through UPI.

How to earn money from Winzo App 2024 Know all the information

When you download and install Winzo app and learn to use it by playing games, then you can earn money online by playing Winzo app games. There are special ways to earn money from Winzo app-

1. Earn money by playing world war game

To play the World War game in Winzo app and become a part of it, you need ₹ 2, then you can participate in it. In the World War game, you have to join a team and play and if your team wins, a good amount of money is distributed among the entire team.

2. Earn money by playing fantasy games

There are many types of fantasy games in winzo app, by playing which you can make a lot of money which runs into lakhs. Here you have to play as a team and if you win, you can win lakhs of rupees in cash, which is transferred to your bank account and this money is distributed among the entire team.

3. Earn money by referring winzo app

Along with playing games in Winzo app, you can also make a good amount of money by referring. On this app you get ₹ 50 for 1 referral, in this way if you refer 25 people then the money earned is transferred to your bank account.

How to install Winzo App in mobile?

You have to install the Winzo app through the browser and you do not get it on the play store. You can download it easily by following the step-by-step instructions on how to download and install the Winzo app.

  1. For this, first you will have to go to Google and search by entering winzo games, after that you will visit the official website of Winzo app.
  2. On this page you will see a GET download option, you have to click on it. Then from here you can download Winzo app.
  3. After downloading the Winzo app, you can install it on your mobile.

How to create an account on Winzo App?

After you install the Winzo app on your mobile, the next step is to create your account in the Winzo app. The steps to create an account in Winzo app are given below.

  1. After WinZo App is downloaded in your mobile, you have to open this app and select your language.
  2. After this, you will be asked for your mobile number. You have to enter your mobile number here, after that you have to click on the send a code option.
  3. Now a call will come on your mobile which will be a verification call, you will receive it.

4 After this, now you have to click on the option of Apply Referral code.

  1. Now an option of Enter your name will appear in front of you, here you have to enter your name and select a photo and upload it.
  2. By following these steps you can easily create your account on WinZo App.

How to use Winzo App?

Winzo app is very easy to use, in which you get an option called Winzo bazzi, here you see all the games available in this app and out of these you choose your favorite game and play it, You have to open the game you select.

The second option comes in the name of Winzo Worldwar where different contests are played here. To participate in these contests you have to pay some rupees which is around ₹ 10. And then you have to play with the given team, a toss is done to decide which team you want to join, then you get the team according to the points obtained in the toss.

If your team wins then you are also given a reward but if your team loses then you do not get anything but even if you are playing poorly then even if the team wins then you get the reward along with the team. Same goes because you are also a member of the team.

Winzo store: From here you can buy the services of any company at a discount which includes Hotstar, Bigbazar, OLA etc. Winzo tv, in this option you can follow many popular games and can also communicate through chat. Fantasy League, here you get two types of games, cricket and football. Here you have to create your own team and if you win and come first then you can win a cash prize worth lakhs.

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