How to Use Clap to Find App 2024

Clap to find Android phone – Friends, today in this post, you will get to learn how to use the Clap to Find app ( Clap to Find App Use Kaise Kare ).

friends, do you tooAndroid Phone do it and you in your phoneClap to Find App Want to use.

But if you do not know anything about this app then keep reading this post carefully.

because thisApp I have told you about it here with complete information.

itApp Android Phone It becomes very important because in this app youfind the mobile by clapping Can.

For example, if we keep our mobile somewhere in the house, we do not remember where we have kept the phone.

so you thisApp your phone usingclap You can find it by playing.

How to Use Clap to Find App in Android Phone

Now friends, let us know that thisApp How to use it on your mobile.

You can easily download this app from Play Store or you can click on it download button will get.

You can download this app by clicking on it.

When we start this app, the sound of clapping with our hands is heard in it.App Gets recorded in.

After that, when you clap your hands, then this message will appear in your phone.App by aRingtone The ringing starts.

By which we come to know where our phone is kept.

Clap to Find App Setup Kaise Kare

first of all thisApp Download it in your phone.

1. You thisApp Open on your phone.

2. The home page of the App will appear and somepermission will ask himAllow Do it.

3. youGet Started A button will appear, click on it.

Clap to Find App Use Kaise Kare

4. Now at your placeClap to start If it comes written then you have to clap here.

5. Here you have to constantlythree times Your clap will start and after that S button will appear click on it.

Clap to Find App Use Kaise Kare

6. Then youOk Button If you find it, click on it.

7. Now this app is fully operational.

8. Here youflash button Enable it will appear.

Clap to Find App Use Kaise Kare

9. You downSensitivity 100% tax has to be paid andsave Do it.

Now this app will start reducing in your phone.

Place your phone anywhere and use both your handsclap three times Play the ringtone in your phone and the friends light will start lighting up.

So this way in your phoneclap to find app You can do that and you won’t face any problems.

conclusion –

Friends, if you have read this post carefully today, you must have understood thatHow to use Clap to Find App.

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