What is Koo App? How to earn money from Koo app (10 amazing ways 2024)

Nowadays everyone wants to earn some part time money along with their work. For this, online option has emerged as the best option. This is the reason why the method of earning money online is becoming very famous all over the world. Today we are in this seriesWhat is Koo App? – How to earn money from Koo app Will talk about. In this you will know in complete detail what is Koo App and how to earn money from Koo app.

In today’s time, many such apps are being launched not only in India but all over the world through which people are earning money sitting at home. But many such apps are also being launched which are doing fraud in the name of earning money. Due to which we all need to be careful. The app we are talking about in this article is a famous app and is famous not only in India but in many countries of the world.

Koo app is a social media platform which works like other social media platforms. Nowadays most of the social media platforms are becoming a means of earning money. People who are a little sensible think that along with using mobile phones, why not earn some money also. Well, people use such apps to earn money.

Before this you must have heard the name of Twitter, which is now famous by the name of X. Koo app also works in the same way as X Up works. Like X, big personalities of the world are always active on it. That is why it is becoming famous in the world. So today in this article we will talk about what is Koo App? – How to earn money from Koo app.

What is Koo App?

Koo App is a social media app that works similar to the Twitter of yesteryear and the X of today. This is a completely Indian app. But on this, big people of the world come and express their views, just as people express their views on social media. The Khub app has been designed keeping the Indian user in mind. Therefore, the facility to earn money has also been provided on this. If you are an active personality and want to earn money online then this can be a great opportunity for you.

Below we will tell you about the technology of the app, seeing which you can imagine how good this technology is.

App NameKoo App
Country OrigineIndia
Launch TimeMay 2020
FounderAprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka
Downloads10 Million +
Rating 4.4/5*
App CategorySocial Media

What is Koo App? – How to earn money from Koo app

You can download it from Google Play Store.

How to earn money from Koo app (10+ amazing ways 2024)

The app is famous all over the world and provides many ways to earn money. Out of that, we will talk about some ways by which you will earn 100% money. That too in a completely safe manner. So without any delay, let us know which are those completely safe methods.

1. How to earn money from Koo App through YouTube

If you are a Youtuber and you regularly make videos on YouTube, then this app can help a lot in increasing the views on your videos. For this, all you have to do is that first of all you have to create an account on Koo App and share the link of the video created by you on the account. As soon as people visit your account and see the link, it is obvious that they will click on the link. Which will increase the views on your video.

Some people do not like to read on Google and prefer watching videos on YouTube, such people will click on your video link and take advantage of the information given by you. So that your video will also increase and youyoutube ads You will also be able to earn money through this. So in this way you can earn money through Koo App through YouTube.

2. How to earn money from Koo App through Affiliate marketing

If you have your own product, then you can give information about your product to the users by posting the link of the product on Koo App. So that if they like your product, they can buy it directly by clicking on the link, which will give you good profit.

Second, you can buy it from an online store.Affiliate You can take the link and post it on your Koo App. If any customer comes to the link and buys the product, then you will get commission from it, through this you can earn money.

3. How to earn money from Koo App by doing sponsorship

To do sponsorship on any social media platform, the number of followers on your Koo App account should be high. And also the number of guests on your account should also be high. Whenever a sponsor comes to approach you for this sponsorship, the first thing he looks at is the number of your followers. And accordingly it decides how much money you should pay for sponsorship of its product.

Therefore, make as many followers as possible on your account so that whenever you get this sponsorship, the sponsor will pay you good money for it.

4. Earn money from Koo App by selling courses

If you have a course and you want to send it to a big brand, then this platform can be very useful for you. For this, you have to go to your Koo App Account and paste the link of your course and write the complete details about it below. Whichever follower reads about your course and likes it, then they will click on the link and buy your product. If they buy your product, it will give you a huge profit from which you can earn good money.

In today’s time, the number of people selling courses on the Social Media platform has increased a lot and why not because the person selling it is getting a good profit and the buyer is getting an increase in his knowledge. That’s why nowadays people are using Social Media platform extensively.

5. How to earn money from Koo App by bringing traffic to blog post

If you are a blogger and are getting traffic on your website, then you can bring a lot of traffic to your website with the help of Koo App. For this, all you have to do is whenever you write a post on your website, paste the link of the post on your Koo App Account and give information about the post in its description. That is, whenever someone comes to your account and needs more information about the blocked post, he will click on the link given by you and will come to your website, which will increase the traffic of your website. And Google will pay him for the ads seen through traffic. In this way you can increase traffic on your website and also earn money from it.What is Koo App? – How to earn money from Koo app

6. Earn money from Koo App by URL Shortener

Nowadays, earning money by doing URL Shortener on Google is also becoming very famous. There are some websites which start your link like Adf.LY, Za.gl etc. there are many such websites. First of all you have to go to these websites and create your account. Where you will find many links, tomorrow shorten the link and paste it on your Koo App Account.

As soon as someone clicks on the link, he or she will instead be redirected to the website for which the link has been created. Only by developing your followers on your website will you earn money. Because those companies pay people for this work. So in this way you can also earn money by shortening links.

7. Earn money from Koo App by selling services

If you are an expert in doing any work then you can earn money by sending your services to the needy people. Nowadays, you will find many people on social media who need an expert for some work or the other. Therefore, you can earn good money by sealing your service also.

8. Earn money by selling Koo App Account

If you want, you can sell your account of Koo App. This is the easiest way to earn money from Koo App. But the thing to note in this is that the more followers you have on your Koo App account, the more money you will get in your account. But doing so would be equivalent to killing the hen that lays the golden egg. Therefore, try to take such steps when you are in great need of money.

9. By daily checkin on Koo App

The easiest way to earn money from Koo App is by daily checking. For this you have to go up and check in there. The biggest problem is that there is a timer and according to the timer, you have to spend 2 to 10 minutes continuously on the app daily. For this you get 100 coins on the first day, 200 coins on the second day and 300 coins on the third day. Earning means that 100 coins increase every day if you spend your time on this app at a fixed time daily, then it can be said that by checking daily, you can earn good money from Koo App.

10. Earn money from Koo App by playing Daily Jackpot

Just a few days ago, Koo App has added a feature called Daily Jackpot to its users. Through which its users can earn up to ₹ 200 by spinning daily. For this you get the facility to spin 11 times a day. Here you not only get money but also get some rewards for every spin which you can use while shopping online. Or the feature can be icing on the cake for you because along with money, you are also getting rewards for online shopping.

How to withdraw money from Koo App?

There is no hassle in withdrawing money from Koo App. You can easily transfer the money used from Koo App from your Koo Wallet to your Paytm wallet or bank account if not through UPI. The money transferred will be in real cash which you can use wherever you want.

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