IPL 2023 rule change: teams to name their playing XI after bat

IPL 2023 rule change .

New rules Ipl
The captains will go into the IPL 2023 for the toss with two different team plans, and provide the final XIs behind the bat. This is one of the major tweaks to the IPL match format, which will be shared with the teams soon. Instead, the IPL said in an internal memo that it would introduce various changes in playing conditions, allowing franchises to select the best XIs based on the end of the batting and no television, the perfect player.

"Now the captains have to change the teams before throwing the ball," said the spokesman seen by ESPNcricinfo. "This has changed to changing teams immediately after batting, allowing teams to choose the best XI based on batting or first bowl.
The IPL became the second T20 tournament after SA20 to allow teams to announce their XI after the toss. In the SA20, which started its first season earlier this year, the teams included 13 names in the squad before revealing their final XI after the toss. Graeme Smith, the SA20 tournament director, said at the time that the move was designed to "reduce the impact of the ball" and allow the pitch to adapt to the conditions. The results at the end of the SA20 season are even better: from 33 matches, the winning teams have won 15 times and lost 16 times (two without a result).
The IPL has used the same concept this time, with a major reason to reduce the impact of snow - regular snow has a big impact in some parts of India, including second-tier football teams.

The numbers from 2019 - when the IPL was played in India at home and away - show that winning teams won more often than not: out of 60 matches, teams won to 34 and they lost 23 after the win. toss (without Super Overs and no results).

Although throwing is important, with the new rule it is not a "win, lose the game" situation in some situations, allowing teams to adjust their teams accordingly. For example, if a team that wants to bat and end the slow lane in the spin cycle is forced to bowl first, it can include an extra spinner in the starting XI, and replace the bowling specialist with the batter in both innings. help with running.

Other tweaks to the IPL playing conditions

1. The penalty is only four yards outside the 30-yard circle for not running out of time.
2. An inappropriate move by the goalkeeper will result in a dead ball and five penalty kicks.
3. An improper move by a player will result in a dead ball and five penalty kicks.

IPL 2023: Player impact rule will limit opportunities for home players, says RCB’s Mike Hesson

"Now you're playing 12-on-12, which takes some of the players out of the game. It takes away opportunities for the home players who are trying to find their legs," Hesson said.
Josh Hazlewood will miss the first IPL (Indian Premier League) matches of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Director of Cricket Operations Mike Hesson said on Friday.

On the acquisition of Josh Hazlewood and Glenn Maxwell

Hazlewood will join the team on April 13 and will continue his final stint in India. We expect him to be able to play soon after his arrival. Maxwell is very good. He played in our warm-up game and we expect him to play in our first IPL game.

On the Impact Player and the captain naming the troops after casting:

Now you are playing mostly 12 vs 12, which completely eliminates one of the players from the game. It also creates opportunities for local residents trying to find their feet.

When playing home matches against RCB:

If you are playing the same positions, you need to know what kind of players you want in those positions.

Virat Kohli:

Virat is in a good place and is playing well. It's not something to talk about with many fakes. It's about enjoying cricket and being as comfortable as possible.

On the pressure of not winning in the IPL:

We are the only team to have played three games in a row. This gives us a good level of confidence that we need in the beginning. Thinking of a difficult title before you start competing doesn't help anyone. We have to play good cricket in the next few months to give us a chance
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