La Liga Launches Video Review System 2023

La Liga launches

La Liga Launches
The team will start a digital technology "Video Review System" on the 27th, the league said in a release on Friday.

Video Streaming System (VRS) is a service that freely distributes a large portion of video footage directly from those used for broadcasting (TV broadcast, video film, close-up film and film footage). , through a touch device.

All flying teams will have skills. Their technical teams will be able to watch the action in detail from different camera angles in the technical area and in the stands and outside seats every play from today's game.

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The service will have medical and routine work, which, among other things, will allow better work or participation in the case of injury. The program is part of the work that the Media coach area of ​​La Liga has been doing for years to help protect the health of the players.
The user can pause the time to watch the movement in time, zoom, replay to watch the gameplay, multi screen to watch 4 different angles at the same time, and New version of the game. A large team of analysts and technicians will be at the service of the teams, online and remotely, to solve technical problems, with the support of the Audiovisual and Match Directors departments of La Liga.
"In La Liga we are determined to do our best to provide club traders with the tools to help them manage their operations, with confidence, by using these tools, all clubs and SADs in La Liga will they help to improve the competition and the level of our competition" said Luis Gil, La Liga Director of Competition.
The new system has two main functions:
Protecting the health of athletes and preventing accidents: allowing better information and communication, and providing tools to medical staff to be more effective and faster management and access during heat, with real time to see all photos and angles. This opportunity is fulfilled by Media coach Mobile and Live, which sends alerts to the coaching staff in real-time during the game to warn them about the risk of injury.
Technical analysis and analysis are used by technical staff: the live TV feed can monitor the movements and positions from different cameras, it is easy to combine this work with the Media coach project data and with the camera feed device.

A simple system that helps technical teams on the table work better when they are hurt in real time.

1. The new VRS system will allow clubs to improve the performance and health of their players through video monitoring
2. The group will have medical and routine work at their disposal
3. Video streaming system (VRS) is a service that provides a portion of the video to those used for mobile broadcasting.
La Liga strengthens its position as a leader in modern technology during Matchday 27 in La Liga Santander and Matchday 34 in La Liga Smart Bank by launching a new system called "Video Review System". Through the powerful Surface Pro device equipped with Microsoft technology that La Liga provides to all teams, their professional teams can monitor the action in detail from different camera angles in technical and housing and other seats in each game from this. the previous day's competition.
The service will have a dual medical and tactical function, which, among other things, will allow for more effective action or intervention in the event of injury. The initiative is part of the work that the Media coach area of La Liga has been carrying out for years to help protect the health of players.

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