Is it a good idea to buy used Apple products?

Is it a good idea to buy used Apple products?

It can be a good idea to buy used Apple products, as long as you do your research and make sure that the product is in good condition and has been properly cared for. Make sure to check for any signs of wear and tear, and also verify that all of the original accessories and documentation are included. Additionally, be sure to check the warranty status of the product and see if it is still covered. If you are buying a used iPhone, make sure to check the iCloud status and the lock status of the iPhone.

Is it a good idea to buy used Apple products? It can be a good idea to buy used Apple products, as long as you do your research and make sure that the product is in good condition and has been properly cared for

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Q.1Is it a good idea to buy used Apple products?
Q2Is it good to buy older and cheaper Apple products? Is there an official way to get earlier products?
Q.3Why is it worth to buy Apple products despite being expensive?
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Is it good to buy older and cheaper Apple products? Is there an official way to get earlier products?
Its definitely not a good idea to get older apple product -

let me tell you in points why(its gonna be a long answer) -

You get an older one cuz your budget it low, but if anything goes wrong with apple - plz note that apple does not allows repairs through local shops. If apple’s operating system detects any non-apple parts (even though it is absolutely okay,good quality, fully functional and won’t harm you or your laptop) - apple will try its best to stop the working of entire device due to non-apple parts(they block off either features of your apple product or may completely brick your device through their software - and they provide lame reasons for blocking off your device). So the possibility of repairing the apple products in non-apple shops aka local repair shops is ruled over. Now once the apple user have no choice of repair other than apple’s own authorized repair stores, let me tell you the charge of repair they tell you is often more than the charge of the entire laptop(they lie about it to sell more laptops/ make quick profits at the cost of consumer - google “apple’s controversial repair policies”, and also search on youtube about sting reports proving how apple lies to its customers to make them spend exorbitant amounts of money via trying to recommend that their laptop is not worth repairing and suggesting them their latest new expensive products over things which can be pretty cheaply repaired)
Apple’s software is super secure, but it doesnt matter, cuz it comes at the cost of restrictions. For instance you cannot install any app on your iphone other than what apple allows through its app store. So - yeah, in exchange for privacy and security - you are often compromising your own freedom and i want to quote something here - “The ships are safe in harbour, but that’s not what they are meant for”.
Cost of accessories and incompatibility/partial compatibility with third party accessories - apple has proprietary charger, if you can’t afford real ones (considering you are buying old product to save money, so you may not want to spend more on apple-specific chargers) , let me tell you - in iphones only lightning port charger works. Also if you use non-apple charger and lightning cable, then the charging speed will be slow. Further - if you going for laptop(aka the macbook) - then they change their charger port almost every year so that you have to buy an expensive charger from them only, and other chargers cannot work at full potential (of you can use the usb-c chargers on macbooks, but they’ll charge slowly)
No social media/least amount of transparency they can give to the public to cut off or not letting their cons get highlighted easily/cut off criticism regarding their dishonest business practices - apple does not use any social media - they operate in a closed public forums, which is again completely controlled by them only so that people can’t tell each other about the flaws of apple (search on youtube - louiss rossman) - to get the information. Even the youtube channel that apple has - has its comments turned off so that people can’t highlight anything and their “Loyal fans” cannot get to know any cons about their company.
Now let me tell you why you should buy cheap older apple products -

you want use this cheap old apple products as a secondary phone/laptop - then it may be good choice. Apple products generally last long, so - yeah - cheap old apple here makes sense (perhaps you are ready to take risk of high repair charges if anything goes wrong).
You are a rich lad and already own a windows laptop with all your requirements being met there, and you dont know how the “apple ecosystem” feels like and just want an introduction to the apple ecosystem, so yeah here it will be good again.
Plz note i am not answering “for whom is latest apple products for” cuz thats not your question. You asked about buying cheap old apple products and i delivered.
This answer took bloody 7–8 minutes to type, so do vote this answer helpful if you find this answer helpful.

EDIT : oh and you can get genuine but old models of apple from amazon/flipkart etc etc .
Why is it worth to buy Apple products despite being expensive?

I’ll give you a straight and unbiased answer.

  1. Operating system : Apple has its own operating system. iPhones run on iOS while Mac/Macbooks run on MacOS. This itself makes Apple quite different from the other brands. This makes Apple products unique in some way. You aren’t getting android or windows in any of the Apple products.
  2. Sleekness:Apple decided to remove the headphone jack from their phones to make their phones sleek. Now, some might argue that this did not really make the phone sleek and all this was just a gimmick so that Apple could earn some extra money by selling AirPods. I won’t go deeper into this topic. For whatever reason Apple decided to remove the headphone jack, the phonesthey manufacture are definitely very sleek compared to other brands.
  3. Durability: Every Apple product is very durable(if handled carefully). The built quality is great and all their products feel premium. The products they manufacture won’t really give you any major problems till a long time.
  4. Innovation: Now, people might argue that Apple hasn’t really innovated anything and they just bring the same old formula to their products. The best example is of the essential phone. Essential (a smartphone company) was the first one to bring the notch to life. This did not really succeed. But when Apple used the notch in their phones, it worked like a bomb. The name matters, you see? If Apple did not really use the notch in their phones, there was a chance that the notch would have never gained this much popularity or controversy.
  5. Optimisation: 2GB RAM in an iPhone is more than enough to handle heavy games while android phones struggle to handle these games even with 4GB RAM.
  6. Powerful chipsets :iPhone SE is still considered a powerful beast and can still outrun few of the android phones in 2019.
  7. Weight: I’m talking about the MacBook air here. It’s ultra light. Easy to carry. Works smoothly for years together.
  8. Display : Don’t let the pretty names Apple gives to their displays fool you. Samsung makes their displays and the displays on iPhones are great.
  9. After sales service : Apple and Samsung both give good after sales service. Apple may charge you a bomb for shattering your screen but well if you’ve bought a phone worth a thousand dollars, then you shouldn’t be afraid to shell out some more on your premium device.
  10. Camera: While the iPhone cameras might not beat the pixel phone cameras or even the Huawei mate 20 pro cameras, they still do a good job.
  11. Security :Apple devices are considered to be one of the most secure devices. That’s the reason behind why most of the celebrities choose Apple over other companies.
  12. Long time support : Apple continues to give updates to the older models of their devices for a long time. You can compare this support to the one Google gives to their pixel handsets.
  13. Resale value :Apple products give you an amazing resale value even after two years of usage.

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