IT Is Good To Invest In Stocks In Other Analysis. (1)

Good to Invest in others analysis ?

What is stock market ?
Stock market is big black hole . 

Definition : It is the platform in which the public listed compony shares can be Buy and Sales . 
In share market if any share is launched then the process is that first the IPO (initial public offering) of the compony is launched first.
It is a Best component for compony to collect a public money and invest in there compony .
Villains : Some times the stock broker work like a villain for in new investor.  Stockbrokers act as intermediaries between stock exchanges and the investors by buying and selling the shares. 

How stock broker's earn money : they suggest the investors in invest in a particular shares . In if the investors get profit than they takes a charges from the profit in percentage(%).
IT Is Good To Invest In Stocks In Other Analysis ?
No , it is not good to invest in stock market in the other suggestion or in other analysis. Because no one know what's going next to the market profit or les or ( market goes Bullish or Beared) . Everyone can only guess or analysis but not sure 100%. 
Always invest in stock market by self analysis . And do not invest whole capital in one time .
Stocks brokers : Stockbrokers are individuals who buy and sell stocks and other securities for retail and institutions clients

Type of stocks broker :
1 Full-services broker's
2 online broker's
3 Discount broker's 

Stockbrokers deal with their clients directly and manage their wealth portfolios. They work with existing clients and develop new businesses. 

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