Nashville school shooting updates

Nashville police have released dramatic body camera footage of two officers who shot the gunman who killed three children and three adults in a mass shooting at a small private Christian school.

The video shows officers entering Al-Ahed School on Monday morning and following the sounds of gunfire to the second floor. Police said they found the suspect — identified by police as Audrey Hill, 28, of Nashville — in a second-floor foyer.

Nashville school shooting updates
After an officer yells "reload," the officers' video shows Rex Engelbert, a four-year veteran, and Michael Collazo, a nine-year veteran, shooting the suspect.

Police said Hill was shot and killed about 14 minutes after the initial call to 911.

"They didn't hesitate one bit," Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake said of the officers on "Good Morning America" Tuesday.
Nashville shooting shooter
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Police identified the dead children as Evelyn Deco, Haley Scruggs, and William Kenny, all nine years old. The adult victims have been identified as 61-year-old substitute teacher Cynthia Beck, 61-year-old doorman Mike Hill, and 60-year-old Katherine Consey, who was the school's principal.

"Yesterday was just a tragic event," Drake said. "I've been doing this business for 35 years and I pray this is never a day we have to deal with."
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Police said the suspect was armed with at least two assault rifles, a handgun and "large ammunition". Police said at least two of these weapons were purchased legally and locally.
According to police, Hill fired through a locked door in the side of the building to gain entry.
Police said that when authorities responded to the scene, the suspect fired at police cars from a second-floor window.
Authorities believe the suspect was a former student and that the mass shooting was likely a targeted attack, according to Drake.

Investigators searched Hill's home, where they seized "a short-barreled rifle, another rifle and other evidence," according to police.

"We have writings and a book that we consider a manifesto," the police chief said of Hill. "We have a map of the school, where a diagram is drawn of how she entered and how she could proceed to confront potential victims."

"We haven't been able to determine the motive yet," the president said. "Investigations are still ongoing."
A group of girls leave after a vigil prayer at Woodmont Christian Church for the victims of the Covenant School mass shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, March 27, 2023.
There is also "some speculation that the shooter may have come into contact with a friend or other people, but this is not confirmed yet," Drake said.

"We will continue to pick up where we left off yesterday and see where that takes us," he added. "Once we know more, we will continue to reveal the facts."
Drake told reporters Monday that the suspect is a woman and transgender, but did not immediately provide further details. A police spokesperson later told ABC News that the suspect was identified as female at birth, but pointed to a social media account linked to the alleged shooter that included the use of the pronouns.

According to police, Covenant School, which teaches pre-school through sixth grade, does not have a school resource officer. There are about 209 students and 40 to 50 staff members.

In a statement released Monday night, Covenant School said its community was “sad.”

“We suffer great loss and shock from the horror that destroyed our church and school,” the school said. “We focus on loving our students, families, faculty, and staff and beginning the healing process.”

“There is nothing more upsetting than responding to a child,” Nashville fire chief William Swan told ABC News. “That moment changes everything for you because we can all relate to his innocence.”

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