Silicon Valley withdrawals.

The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) run was no ordinary bank run; So fast that it shocked even the most experienced regulators, depositors siphoned $42 billion out of the bank in just a few hours, leaving the company with a negative cash balance of $958 million on March 9.
"This is a very large group of connected depositors, a concentrated group of connected depositors, racing very, very quickly, faster than the historical record would suggest," Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said in his press conference. After policy makers raised interest rates by 25 basis points. point last week.

He added, "The pace of the race is very different from what we've seen in the past and it kind of indicates that there is a need for potential regulatory and oversight changes simply because oversight and regulation need to keep up with what's happening in the world." Powell.

FDIC Your Bank Deposits: What to Know

On Tuesday, Fed Vice Chairman Michael Barr, the central bank's point of banking supervision, will tell lawmakers at a hearing on the collapse of SVB and Signature Bank that the banks' upper echelons have been asleep at the wheel. “Bankruptcy is a written case of mismanagement,” SVB said, according to a prepared affidavit. He also noted that “the bank failed to manage the risks of its liabilities. These liabilities consist largely of deposits from venture capital firms and the technology sector, which have been highly concentrated and can be volatile.

How a bank crisis could lead to the Queen’s lending.

The complexity of the rapid cash grab and mismanagement led to social media outrage before California regulators and the Federal Depository and Insurance Corporation (FDIC) took ownership of SVB.

“It is clear that a number of issues have occurred with SVB,” Robert Wolf, former CEO of UBS Americas and CEO of 32 Advisors, told FOX Business, noting that “social media and digital finance have moved faster than ever before.” "It has been seen in the banking sector, which has caused an operation" as well as "a concentrated SVB client base that has made it less diversified than most banks of a similar size," he added, in line with Barr's note.

California's Department of Financial Protection and Innovation did not respond to FOX Business' request for comment, while the FDIC declined to comment.

On Monday morning, First Citizens Bank closed a deal to absorb SVB assets, sending shares up 53%.

As of March 10, 2023, Silicon Valley Bridge Bank, the National Association, had approximately $167 billion in total assets and approximately $119 billion in total deposits. Today's transaction included the purchase of approximately $72 billion of a billion dollars in Silicon Valley Bridge, the National League's assets at a discount of $16.5 billion," the foundation said in the announcement.

On Wednesday, a second hearing devoted to the SVB implosion will come from the House Financial Services Committee, titled "Federal Regulators' Response to Recent Bank Failures."
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